[Zope] Re: audio order

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Thu May 27 17:43:21 EDT 2004

>>> My next question is must I lean zpt or dhtml.
>> ZPT. Don't even mess with dtml since it's hardly ever used anymore.
>> Here is a good tutorial for learning ZPT:
>> http://zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/2_6Edition/ZPT.stx
> DTML is not dead!  Nate, where'd you get the information that supports
> your pronouncement?  We actually use both, but mostly we use DTML because
> it's a better match to what we do.

Oops.. I thought I might end up eating my words by posting such a statement
on the Zope list. I didn't mean to suggest that it was dead, but that for
new development in Plone, it is recommended to use ZPT in favor of DTML.

I know that DTML is good for some things, but for someone just starting out
trying to learn Zope, it's preferable to steer them towards ZPT combined
with Python scripts.


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