[Zope] VIRUS ALERT! Blocked Delivery of email to <finale@mindgate.com.ph>

SafeMail Security Postmaster safemail at mindgate.net
Fri May 28 23:18:07 EDT 2004

       VSAFE BLOCKED YOUR EMAIL TO <finale at mindgate.com.ph>

        Mindgate's Vsafe email service has detected a VIRUS or WORM
or TROJAN in your email to <finale at mindgate.com.ph>.

<finale at mindgate.com.ph> is protected by Mindgate's Vsafe email service; your email has
therefore been  blocked. <finale at mindgate.com.ph> will not receive your email
but instead will receive an email notification.

You too can protect yourself from email viruses by availing of Mindgate's
Vsafe email service. For more information, go to http://vsafe.mindgate.net

The virus detector said this about the message:
Report: /i4T3HOKM009257/your_document.pif        Found virus or variant W32/Netsky !!!
Shortcuts to MS-Dos programs are very dangerous in email (your_document.pif)

Mindgate Systems Inc

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