[Zope] zope (with cmf) instance being frequently restarted by signal SIGSEGV(11)

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon May 31 06:22:49 EDT 2004

Richard Ettema wrote:

> 2-3 days  ago this same problem reappeared but with the site sometimes 
> being restarted 10 times in a 15 minute period.

Well, looks like you need to find out what's changed in the times where this 
happens lots, your serverand Apache logs may help here...

> matching the times I have witnessed the instance restarting via top.
> ERROR(200) zdaemon Process 25606 terminated by signal SIGSEGV(11)

Yeah, that tells you something died. Killed by a SIGSEGV(11).
What Zope version are you running?
What Python version are you running?
What OS are you running on?
What versions of what products are you running?
Do any of them use C extensions to python?

> -some site zope images were modified to set the 'precondition' attr to 
> call a python script to set response headers for caching of images in 
> apache... This hasn't been undone as the data.fs has since been packed. 
> Is there any way this could be related???

Maybe, try taking this out of the equation...

> There is no obvious signs of anything malicious going on, but this is 
> always a possibility I guess? What to check for?

Apache logs for odd URLs...

> The only possible answer I have come up with while searching is about 
> the thread stack size being to small. And having to recompile python 
> with this set to a larger figure. Is this related to the problem I am 
> having, and is there an easy way to check if this is the case for the 
> version I have running? 

What OS are you running on?

> CMF: 1.4.2
> Zope: (unreleased version, python 2.1.3, linux2)

Ack. That might be Zop 2.7.0, is it?
In which case...
> Python:  2.1.3 (#1, Sep 7 2002, 15:29:56) [GCC 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian 
> prerelease)]
...why aren't you running on Python 2.3?



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