[Zope] UserCounter and ASP404

Brian Sullivan brians at meetingbywire.com
Mon May 31 09:17:14 EDT 2004

I am currently using ASP404 (http://zope.org/Members/hiperlogica/ASP404) to
front a Zope server with IIS and  UserCounter
(http://zope.org/Members/SeanT/UserCounter) on the Zope server.

It seems the IP addresses reported in UserCounter are all the IP of the IIS
server. Is it possible to modify UserCounter or ASP404 to correct this so
that the end user IP is listed ? I am suspecting if it is possible that some
change in the ASP404 script is required but exactly what and where is not
obvious to me.

Has anybody encountered and corrected this problem before?

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