[Zope] reserved words?

Mark Barratt markb at textmatters.com
Mon May 31 14:02:54 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

> Mark Barratt wrote:
>> exec is a Python reserved word, I discover. Can I use it anyway 
>> through some kind of escape notation in the expression, or do I have 
>> to change the database and all the other scripts I've spent a happy 
>> weekend writing?
> Change any use of python or Zope reserved words to something else, or 
> much pain and suffering will be your happy reward.

OK, done that.

> How'd you know what they are?
> Well, urm... learn python for the python ones.

One day. And for the next idiot:


for python reserved words, and ... there aren't any extra for zope?

(conversations on the list archive keep leaving me tantalisingly-short 
of an answer)

> For the Zope ones, use ZPT instead of DTML and you will find your 
> fingernails claw away less of your flesh with frustration....

This is an update to a chunky site all made in dtml. I've started 
getting my head round zpt but there don't seem to be any 
learning/reference tools for it and the zope.org site is what you said 


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