[Zope] reserved words?

Mark Barratt markb at textmatters.com
Mon May 31 14:27:01 EDT 2004

Dan Cherry wrote:
> If you go through the effort of looking into python and zope reserved words, 
> do yourself an enormous favor, and also do a little googling on naming 
> conventions for those languages (regarding caps, underscores, etc.), as well.  
> You can use 'legal' variable names that will be _very_ confusing six months or 
> a year from now.  If you're at the early stages, then adopting naming 
> standards which are in common use, will make code matainance easier, and will 
> make understanding other well formulated code, that much easier to 
> understand.  

Good advice, Dan: reminds me that I know this from my work in SGML/XML 
document things but hadn't transferred the knowledge.


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