[Zope] restore acl_users after removal

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Mon Nov 1 13:50:03 EST 2004

On 01/11/2004 Roberto Lupi wrote:
> You should use 'access' instead of 'inituser': the latter just create
> a normal users and sets the password, but it won't work if there is no
> acl_users in an already existing Zope database; the former will
> actually set up an emergency user (AFAIK).

thanks for advice, i'll try next time ;)

this time i got it restored with zopectl debug, and then
>>> app.manage_importObject('acl_users.zexp')
>>> get_transaction().commit()

luck that i still had a acl_users.zexp export of the acl_users folder.

anyway, i could also create a new acl_users folder:
>>> app.manage_addAclUsers();


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