[Zope] tal expression

Garito garito at sistes.net
Thu Nov 4 03:57:41 EST 2004

Garito wrote:

> Hi
> will these be possible?
> <tal:b tal:define='dictionary python: {"value1": ["one", "two", 
> "three"], "value2": "two", "value3": "three"}'>
>    <tal:b tal:replace='python: dictionary["value1"][5] | "Value not 
> available"' />
> </tal:b>
> Obviously these is an incorrect tal expression (the replace one) but 
> there are any way to create an expression like these and correct?
> Thank you!!!
Now I have a correct expression (thanks to Chema Cortés from spanish 
zope list). This is the expression:

(len(dictionary['value1'])>6 and dictionary['value1'][5]) or 'Value not available'

Thanks for all your help!!!

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