[Zope] Application Design and Photos

Gregor Melhorn g.melhorn at web.de
Thu Nov 4 09:31:35 EST 2004

Hello Zope users!



Maybe you can help me with the following scenario:


I'm developing a community site in zope. I don't use CMF or Plone, since I
wouldn't be using much of the functionality anyway and therefore would only
slow down the site with it. All user data is stored in MySQL. exUserFolder
is used for authentication. 


Registered users should be able to upload photos to my site. These photos
may be viewed by other registered users, but no anonymous users (no
anonymous access to photos allowed).


Now, how do I do this best? 


Is there any "best practice" on how to give each user a personal gallery? 


Creating a single folder for every user, and putting images in there for
every category? Or should I put all in one big folder, maybe assigning
matching photos to users via a table in the database with user-filename


There may be around 30 000 users and 200 000 photos. I thought of using the
"Photo Folder" product, maybe setting its properties to "external
filesystem", so the ZopeDB doesn't get too large. Anybody has experience on
that one? Is it possible to use the external filesystem and still prevent
anonymous access?


Any help would be appreciated!



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