[Zope] Date/Time formatting problem

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 04:28:01 EST 2004

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the reply.

J. Cameron Cooper wrote:
>> I'm a bit stumped because the range of dates is quite modest...
> Your early dates may run afoul of the system C library. From Python docs:
> """The functions in this module do not handle dates and times before the 
> epoch or far in the future. The cut-off point in the future is 
> determined by the C library; for Unix, it is typically in 2038."""
> The epoch typically begins in 1980 or      1970orso,dependingonsystem.
> Are your objects Python datetime.datetime objects? Or are they Zope 
> DateTime object? You may have to build your dates using the 
> methods/attributes available for individual components of the date/time.

I did some trial and error tinkering with the dB DA, and chose to use 
mxDateTime values - this has resolved the issue for now, but I'm 
painfully aware that it may cause issues elsewhere, so I'll investigate 
along the lines you suggest in more depth.

I'm surprised that a Date of Birth would be outside the range considered 




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