[Zope] using flash as logo in plone?

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Sun Nov 7 05:58:16 EST 2004


Am So, den 07.11.2004 schrieb John Menke um 6:55:
> Has anyone used flash as their logo in plone?  I have not been able to
> configure a template to display this.  Does anyone have a working example of
> how this is done?
> any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Well. Flash creates a HTML file where you can copy the
essential parts. Make sure you use the correct URL
where the .swf file is mentioned in the code and 
place the file there. Make sure the mime-type is
correct (should be if you just upload).

There is nothing special with flash or other
embedding in Zope. 

If you dont really know how this all works... well
maybe you just stick to images. Your users will
probably appreciate it ;-)


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