[Zope] Re: how to isolate a grave problem with zope

Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Mon Nov 8 11:07:37 EST 2004

Jonas Meurer wrote:
> hello,
> we have some grave problems with zope 2.6.4: it crashes every time we
> put it under (some) heavy load, especially at one process, a convertion
> process.
> i tried to reproduce this bug in exactly the same installation on my
> home machine, but this finally doesn't work.
> on the machine where we encounter the problem, the problem appears in
> _all_ installed zope instances, which means:
> 5 instances from debian/testing packages of zope 2.6.4 with python2.2
> 1 instance from source installation of zope 2.6.4 with python2.2
> 1 instance from source installation of zope 2.6.4 with python2.1
> to produce the bug, i have to install TinyTablePlus (as our Products
> depends on it), and some other own Products, but they are also installed
> on my local server, which doesn't crash.
> I stripped the Products Directory of zope down to native zope products
> and TinyTablePlus, used a fresh new installation of zope, and imported
> only 5 needed Products into Control_Panel/Products plus the one
> Application that does the convertion.
> on all 7 instances at our server zope get's crashed by the process, on
> my local machine, and even on windows zope servers it doesn't.
> i use everywhere exactly the same zope/tinytableplus versions, and my
> local system runs debian/unstable while the server runs debian/testing.
> python versions and installed modules of home and server are also
> synced.
> do you have any suggestions how to continue debugging, and how to
> isolate the problem? maybe there are some more components that could
> cause this crash, than just python (modules) and zope itself.

See my response to your earlier post:  please ensure that you are 
running with Python 2.2.3.

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