[Zope] ATAudio 0.3.5 released - for handling MP3 files in your Plone site

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Mon Nov 8 23:53:23 EST 2004

The Plone4Artists project team is pleased to announce version 0.3.5 of

New features

 - **Streaming via Zope**. Thanks to Christian Scholz (MrTopf), ATAudio now
makes use of the file iterator support in Zope 2.7.2.

 - **Limit file size**. Thanks to Christian Heimes (Tiran), you can now
limit the size of the uploaded MP3 files.

 - **ATAudioFolder - Container for audio files**. There is now a container
which displays a track listing and a CD cover image.

Bug fixes

 - **Better WebDAV support**. Thanks to Sidnei da Silva (dreamcatcher), the
uploads from OS X to WebDAV are more reliable now.

Existing features

 - **MP3 files stored on file system**. The files are not saved in the ZODB,
but on the file system. This prevents database bloat and exposes the files
to 3rd party streaming software.

 - **ID3 tag extraction**. When you upload an MP3 file via WebDAV, the
metadata is extracted and auto-populates the fields on the Plone form.


 To download the latest release of ATAudio, please visit the download page:


 All are welcome to join in the development of ATAudio. We would like to add
support for other audio formats (OGG, Real, WMA), enable genre selection,
allow for a sample/preview of the song, improve performance of the ID3 tag

CVS access in the collective:


 Please read the documentation in the 'docs' directory, and visit the online
documentation page. http://plone4artists.org/development/teams/audio/.

Brought to you by Plone4Artists

 ATAudio is a product developed by the Plone4Artists project team.
Plone4Artists is a community driven project with the goal of assembling a
Plone package catered to artist/musician communities.

The Plone4ArtistsPackage product is a special Plone distribution which is
pre-configured with many useful add-on modules. You can think of it as a
complete portal solution for building artist/musician websites.

For more information, please visit http://plone4artists.org

Nate Aune - natea at jazkarta.com
Plone4Artists - http://plone4artists.org
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