[Zope] zope startup script

David Convent david.convent at naturalsciences.be
Wed Nov 10 10:08:04 EST 2004

John Poltorak wrote:

>When I originally installed Zope 2.6.2 a startup script was created in 
>/etc/init.d, although I don't recall how it got created. Does v2.7.3 
>create a new version of this file when running make install? If not, how 
>is it created?
I suppose you are running zope on Debian
The /etc/init.d scripts are not created while installing zope from source.
If you install zope2.7 from the debian package (testing), you'll get new 
/etc/init.d scripts that will only take care of zope 2.7 instances


David Convent

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