[Zope] Documentation on how to develop a product

George Tesseris gtesseris at ebox.gr
Fri Nov 12 08:52:53 EST 2004

Dave Kuhlman wrote:

>I'm trying to learn how to implement a Zope product.
>I've found the BoringProduct.  It's a good starter, but does not
>get me very far.
>I've also found the "Zope Developer's Guide (2.4 edition)" (at
>Is there anything else I can read that will help me learn how to
>develop a Zope Product?
>Thanks in advance for help and pointers.
>By the way, is the Developer's Guide still usable or used?  It
>seems very old.  It's full of comments and complaints that do not
>seem to have been addressed.  And, word-wrap is broken (in both
>Opera and Foxfire) so that I have to scroll horizontally in order
>to read it.
Can't find the BoringProduct... Where did u find it?


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