[Zope] Overly large zexp files sizes

Peter Millar peter.millar at parasyn.com.au
Sun Nov 14 22:25:23 EST 2004

Not sure if it is the same issue but I had the exact same problem and I
narrowed it down to a problem in using a python xml file.  That we had
created and had added within a plone site.  I had several plone sites
and the one that contained the xml file exported as large as the zodb
whereas the other plone sites exported as normal.  When I removed the
xml file from the bad plone site, the size of the zexp file was back to

Peter Millar 

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Hi All,

I've recently started having some problems with exporting objects. I'm
finding that some objects seem to export the entire zodb along with them
when exported. It seems random which objects export normally and which
end up being the 150mb roughly corresponding to if the whole zodb had
been exported. If I reimport it I get the object back as expected, no
more no less. If I create a new Plone site for instance it will export
at 150mb too, but selected older sites will export fine. Somehow
something is hooking into everything such that pickling is causing
everything to be dragged in. Anyone had this problem? Anyone with any
debug ideas as I'm running out.

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