[Zope] Left Menu (Frame) on ZMI not displaying

Paul Sue Paul.Sue at TELUS.com
Mon Nov 15 11:16:43 EST 2004


>Please don't post mail here in HTML.

oops, sorry about that!

>Maybe your tree state cookie got hosed.  Try clearing out your cookies
>and revisiting the site.

tried that but still NOT displaying, browser just chugs away a long time and times out ..
I did notice this in the log:

"GET /ssoi/manage_workspace HTTP/1.1" 302 370 "http://mike:8080/manage_main"

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 02:45, Paul Sue wrote:
> Hi,
> Suddenly, the left frame refuses to display .. I've tried restarting
> Zope to no avail .. I can login to the site as normal user. I see no
> errors in the logs.
> What the @#$!% is going on???
> argh ...... :(
> Paul

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