[Zope] [NEWBIE] Where are application root objects documented?

d.j.potts at bcs.org.uk d.j.potts at bcs.org.uk
Sat Nov 20 10:17:32 EST 2004

Quoting "J. Cameron Cooper" <zope-l at jcameroncooper.com>:

> d.j.potts at bcs.org.uk wrote:
> > I'm just learning Zope and have just stumbled over the ZopeTime object.  I
> can't
> > seem to find a list of objects like ZopeTime that are globally available.
> Can
> > someone point me at any docs please?
> There's a Help! link in the upper right corner of many ZMI pages. That
> will open up the Zope online help. You'll want Zope Help > API
> Reference. ZPT and DTML are documented nearby.

I did a search for the help for "ZopeTime" but that didn't find anything, so I
grep'ed in zope2.7/lib/python/Products for ZopeTime and that has one reference
in source in ExternalMethod/ExternalMethod.py but no doc.
> Also available: the appendicies of the Zope book available online at
> zope.org, DocFinder (and DocFinderEverywhere.)

Searching on zope.org for "ZopeTime" find examples of how to use ZopeTime, but
no big list of things like ZopeTime that are available globally in zope.  E.g.
"...and other attributes defined by Zope, such as ZopeTime.".  So e.g.
ZopeTime, what about the others?

I don't have DocFinder or DocFinderEverywhere installed.  Could anyone who has
it installed let me know if it can answer my question.  If so I'll give it a



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