[Zope] Lotus Notes-like functionality/product in Zope

Johan Carlsson johanc at easypublisher.com
Wed Nov 24 07:41:16 EST 2004

Cameron McCloud wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a big fan of Lotus Notes - we use it in our company (a development
> shop) for various tracking type of databases (bugs, issues, change
> control, feature requests...). Notes is quite easy to use and it is
> easy to design forms and views.
> I also like Zope and Plone. While Notes is good for very structured
> information, it isn't great for developing portal type applications.
> Ideally I'd like to have the best of both worlds - structured forms
> and views that are easy to construct yet integrated into the Zope
> environment with all the things that Zope is good for.
> Has anyone has tried to write a very simple Notes-like product for
> Zope? Is there anything out there similar? I was thinking about this
> yesterday and it shouldn't be difficult to design a simple forms
> editor/viewer and a "view" designer. Can anyone point me in the right
> direction for going about this?

I guess what you want is a Notes Client, right?

If your looking for a template/view based product
you might want to take a look at Colliberty Easy Publisher.


Johan Carlsson

PS. I know documentation is lacking, but feel free to ask me.
I would love to have feedback/dialog on how CEP could be made
more Notes like.

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