[Zope] Move Images to Filesystem from zodb via FTP and WebDAV

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Sun Nov 28 13:21:20 EST 2004

I want users be able to WebDAV or FTP images into a Zope/Plone site.  
Once each image reaches the site, I want it to be automatically 
migrated to the filesystem with the same file name (worse case, 
cronning the migration).  I don't want the image referenced or stored 
anywhere in the zodb following the migration - just moved from the zodb 
to the filesystem.   I only the client to use only their zope/plone 
login password.  I don't want to provide direct FTP or HTTP access to 
the filesystem or dish out server accounts for scp.  Can anyone advise 
a possible solution to this.


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