[Zope] CMF Photo Album + "Raw" Image Formats

Jonathan Cyr cyrj at cyr.info
Mon Nov 29 15:18:34 EST 2004

Two Cents,

TIFF images are lossless, and popular, but don't display in a browser.  
TIFF is also splintered as a file format, talk to a graphic designer, 
TIFF has changed over the last ten years, and most apps allow for the 
various forms.  You might want to start with TIFFs in your xsane scanner 

As an archive, I would use JPG... it's lossy (by combining like colors), 
but if you specifically set it to 100%, you should get no compression.  
It's also a well defined, cross platform, standard.

Although Zope/Plone will store any type of image data, only certain 
types will display in a browser, and only certain types can be 
converted, whether it be by PIL or ImageMagick.  I'm not familiar with 
PNM files... it may be raw, but certainly not mainstream, at least not 
yet... make sure PIL or ImageMagick supports this.

BTW, you'll probably get better answers on the Plone Mailing List, for 
Plone products using Plone & CMF... more folks there will be using your 

-Jon Cyr

Tom Purl wrote:

> I'm a newb when it comes to archiving images, so any help you can give 
> me would be greatly appreciated.
> I want to use Plone as a content management system (CMS) my images, 
> which are currently stored on my hard drive as PNM files.  These files 
> are scanned copies of 4x6 images, and are usually ~6 MB in size.  I am 
> using Plone 2.0.4 with CMF Photo Album/Photo 0.5.0 and  pil 1.1.4.  I 
> use the PNM file format for my pictures because it's the "rawest" 
> format that I can use with xsane (I also use Gentoo Linux).
> When I upload my pictures in the PNM format to Plone, I'm not able to 
> see them.  I then tried converting the image (using convert) to a tiff 
> file (since that's also pretty "raw", right?) and uploading it. 
> However, I'm still not able to see the image in my cmf photo album.  I 
> ended up converting it to a bitmap, and I'm able to see that in my album.
> Is the bmp file format considered a "raw" format?  I would like to 
> keep it as raw as possible so that I can use (or at least convert) my 
> images 50 years from now.  Is there a better format to use?
> I'm using plone as my CMS because I want to attach metadata to my 
> images.  Is anyone else using a different free program that works 
> better than this solution?
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom Purl
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