[Zope] ZopeXMLMethods installation woes

Marco Bizzarri m.bizzarri at icube.it
Tue Nov 30 09:58:12 EST 2004

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Ken Ara wrote:
| Once again, thank you Dieter and others who have had
| the patience to help me learn. I searched a lot but
| never did find out where one should install third
| party Python modules. It is often mentioned that they
| should be installed using the same Python that runs
| Zope, but not where to install!
| I installed 4Suite and Py-XML into my SOFTWARE_HOME.
| Now I can import the 4Suite modules from the command
| line using Zope's python.
| But when I ran the tests that come with
| ZopeXMLMethods, the product is still unable to import
| the necessary modules.
| Maybe this is linked to the other, _new_ problem I
| have:

The problem I suspect is that ZopeXMLMethod is not yet been ported to
the 2.7.x series. Indeed, it uses something which was feasible in Zope
2.6.x, which is no more allowed in Zope 2.7.x

The problem is in the __init__.py inside ZopeXMLMethod, since it uses
the methods dictionary to make the availableProcessors method globally

Try the enclosed patch... We had a similar problem with our product
PAFlow (look in the archives)


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