[Zope] Zope 2.8.4 install on Suse

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Thu Dec 8 09:22:25 EST 2005

On 8 Dec 2005, at 14:19, Harry Forster wrote:

> Thanks to all for the very quick response to my request for help.   
> This is the
> backbone of the open source community.
> I have been using Zope 2.6 on windows for years and wanted to  
> update and move
> to a Suse 9.0 machine. I downloaded Zope 2.8.4-final tgz.
> I originally had Python 2.4 but switched to Python 2.3.5 after  
> reading the
> Zope notes. When I did the configure, make, install for Zope I got the
> message:

Whaat you really need to do is *ditch* those OS-supplied Python  
packages and compile it yourself for Zope. It's easy and quick. Get  
the 2.3.5 tarball from python.org and after that it's a matter of  
configure/make/make install. Then run the Zope 2.8.4 build script  
using that Python.


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