[Zope] Saving a Rendered DTML Document

Asad Habib ahabib at engin.umich.edu
Thu Dec 8 09:34:10 EST 2005

Hello. The PHP script that I use relies on a path to locate the HTML file 
on the file system and since the DTML document is a Zope object, it does 
not have access to that. I also tried using a Zope File object as well as 
a DTML document that is part of a Local File System. Using a Zope File 
object does not work since the ouput of a rendered DTML document is text 
and providing the PHP script a Zope File filled with plain text does not 
work. The same goes for a DTML document that is part of a Local File 
System, once the document is rendered it is plain text.

- Asad

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:

> Asad Habib wrote:
>> Hello. I have a DTML document which contains some DTML, but mostly HTML. I
>> want to save the HTML contents of this DTML document once it is rendered by 
>> Zope (i.e. once the DTML is evaluated) in another DTML document (i.e. this 
>> document will only contain HTML offcourse and must be since it will be used 
>> by a PHP script). Is there a way to do this so every time the former 
>> changes, the latter is updated as well? Any help would be appreciated. 
>> Thanks.
> How does the PHP read the file? Why can't PHP read the file through the web, 
> where it will be rendered.
> Robert Munro
> Ps. ZPT is a replacement for DTML, and is no help with your problem.

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