[Zope] PAM Authentication & RSA Authentication Manager

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Wed Feb 2 04:05:03 EST 2005

+-------[ Tom Trelvik ]----------------------
| >You can use the LDAPUserFolder in read-only mode so it does not try to 
| >write back to the directory and store group/role information on the 
| >LDAPUserFolder itself. That way the users log in with the same 
| >credentials *and* you can manage the roles they get in the Zope context 
| >locally. It's just a matter of configuration.
| 	But would that give every user in the LDAP server Zope level access 
| 	to my server?  I'm still trying to figure out how to select which users 
| from the LDAP server will get accounts on my server.  Do I add/remove 
| the users manually (or programmatically) through Zope?  (Sorry for the 
| newbie questions ...)

You can add them to an OU or Group on the LDAP server and restrict the users
available when to Zope to users in that OU or group.

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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