[Zope] Remote site indexing & search with Zope/ZCatalog

Duane Raymond duane.raymond at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 09:13:38 EST 2005

> From: "Duane Raymond"
> > I'm looking to implement a product to index a list of non Zope sites
> > (ideally with ZCatalog) and then make them available for searching via
> > Zope.  Anyone done (or tried) something like this before?
> From: "Jonathan Hobbs"
> Have a look at www.shopwiser.com
> The back-end crawls web sites and then loads the data into a zcatalog.  The
> front-end enables users to search the zcatalog and displays/formats the
> results.  This is an in-house project which was developed using dtml,
> scripts and external methods (ie. its not a 'product').

Any chance this 'code' could be shared for the purposes of turning it
into a product?

Anyone else done this?



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