[Zope] How to POST java serialized object to a zope(python) script?

Gary G Zhu gzhu2 at unlnotes.unl.edu
Wed Feb 2 15:24:02 EST 2005

I got it to work now.

In the applet, after serializing the object into byte array, 
I converted it to string. Then ran it thru urlencoder before passing it to 
Now I can get the data out from my zope script with 

Thanks to all who helped.

Gary G Zhu wrote:

>I am trying to find a way to pass data from a java applet into zope.
>Don't know how to get the serialized object into the zope python script.
>With html forms I'd just use container.REQUEST, but it doesn't work in 
>Any help is appreciated.
>Gary Zhu
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