[Zope] Images showing as pages in web log stats / analysis

Eddie Butcher ebutcher at roadrunner.uk.com
Mon Feb 7 05:27:07 EST 2005


> Has anyone found a web stats packages that can be configured to
> understand what a 'page' is, e.g. looking at the content-type header,
> which can be logged by Apache?
I use the excellent Webalizer-CT which has been tweaked to do exactly 


"Webalizer with Content-Type enhancements

A fork of Webalizer that distinguishes Pages from other Hits by the 
response Content-Type instead of file extensions. Works better for Zope 
sites where it is a common practice not to use extensions in object 

Currently requires a Virtual Hosting environment with Apache in front."


Eddie Butcher
Road Tech Computer Systems Ltd
01923 338033

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