[Zope] Garbage characters in Firefox

Paul Kenniston paul at droppedpackets.org
Mon Feb 7 14:24:32 EST 2005


New zope and plone user with things generally working.  Installed by 
RPM, current versions are:

Mandrake 10.1
Zope 2.7.3-1
Zope Group User Folder 3.1.1-1
Apache 2.0.50-7.2.10

The only problem I'm having currently is that my site is either rendered 
without any of the CSS formatting or images, or is rendered with half a 
page of garbage characters (the main page as well as internal links you 
might go to) when using firefox.  If I <shift>-reload the page, it then 
comes up rendered properly every time.  Sadly, IE never seems to exhibit 
this behavior-- it works every time.

One other configuration note....I am proxying the site through apache 
using mod_proxy and the proxypass option in my vhosts conf file.  
Obviously using the virtualhostmonter in conjunction with that 

I wasn't able to find anything in the archives or google to shed light 
on it, so I'm hoping someone on the list has some recommendations.  
Happy to post any configs anyone is interested in.  As a final side 
note, I've dug into this from a plone and apache perspective and have 
eliminated (I believe) as possible culprits (i.e., I see this behavior 
when not proxying).

Thanks much,

Paul Kenniston

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