[Zope] no-login account for local users

J. Cameron Cooper zope-l at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Feb 8 11:57:09 EST 2005

Radek Kotowicz wrote:

>  I'd like to create a default nologin user account for users accessing 
> pages from local network (10.*.*.*) so that they do not have to 
> authenticate.
> I know that you can add additional IP contraints once you have a normal 
> (password based authentication) account.
> Could you give me any hints?

I suspect you may be able to write a custom UserFolder for that, and you 
could probably get away with inheriting from the existing UserFolder to 
do most of the work, and creating a new user class concerned with domain 

See Zope/lib/python/AccessControl/User.py


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