[Zope] Re: Zope or Python blocking on select()

David Swift dswift at apmindsf.com
Tue Feb 8 12:21:44 EST 2005

Tres Seaver wrote:

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> dswift at apmindsf.com wrote:
> | Hi Tres,
> |
> | Thanks for the reply.  I have provided a couple of notes below, and I
> am copying
> | to the list:
> <snip>
> |> We are not using a ZEO server, we are still on filestorage.  I wish I
> could use
> |> ZEO, but when I first set it up, I think I hit this problem as well,
> and I went
> |> back to filestorage.
> |
> |> I am also pretty certain that the pages are not being cached.  Every
> time I
> |> click on a ZWiki link, or click the 'FrontPage' link at the top of a
> ZWiki
> |> page, we experience the delay.
> How about for the ZMI, with no wiki in sight, or even the Zope start
> page at /?

The / page, and the /manage page, both seem pretty snappy, responding in 
a couple of seconds for /manage, and in a second or less for /.

> |> I am wondering which version of glibc you have, or if you are using 
> the
> |> LD_ASSUME_KERNEL variable in any way?  Can you also tell me what your
> |> ./configure command line looked like when you compiled Python?  I
> have compiled
> |> both 2.4 and 2.3.3 on the FC1 machine, but perhaps I left something
> critical
> |> out of the configuration.
> I don't do anything to touch LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, and my 'configure' is
> bare-bones simple ('--prefix="/opt/zope" --enable-unicode="ucs2"').
Cool - my config is (--prefix=/usr/local/zope --with-threads), perhaps I 
should remove the 'threads' parameter.

> Hmm, if you aren't using ZEO, then I don't know why you would be
> blocking in 'select' at all -- wait, do you have reverse DNS lookup
> turned on?  Check zope.conf, and try disabling it, e.g. remove any
> 'dns-server' entry there.
No, we are not using reverse DNS.  We are using pound to frontend the 
instance, but I also have a test instance on the same box that I hit 
directly, to make sure pound doesn't impose a penalty.

I am looking through an strace log that I took from startup of zope to 
my page GETs, and I see it reading a *lot* of data between my page 
request and the send() of my rendered page.  A majority of the read() 
data does not have anything to do with my page, AFAICT.  Is having a 
750MB Data.fs file causing me a problem?  I have compacted it, using 30 
days as my parameter in the ZMI.

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