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Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Wed Feb 9 07:47:20 EST 2005

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Kevin Carlson wrote:

| I ran fsrefs, fstest and fsrecover all of which finished with no
| issues.

That is good news, actually, as it suggests that the problem is
localized to the BTrees, which are usually reparable.

|  However, when I try to repopulate the catalog, or traverse
| objects in a BTreeFolder2, I am getting a POSKeyError.  I have 12,940
| objects stored in the BTreeFolder2 instance -- is there a practical
| limit to the number of objects one can store in one of these?
| If there is not a limit, does anyone have ideas on how I can "fix" the
| BTreeFolder2 since the fs* scripts don't seem to do the trick?

Try creating a new BTree for the folder, and then copying items, e.g.:

~  >>> new_tree = folder._tree.__class__()
~  >>> for k, v in folder._tree.items():
~  ...     new_tree[k] = v
~  >>> folder._old_tree, folder._tree = folder._tree, tree
~  >>> get_transaction().commit()

For the indexes, it might be easier just to delete each borked index,
recreate it, and reindex it.

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