[Zope] dictionary entries keyed by date - get()

David Siedband david at generation-xml.com
Thu Feb 10 17:17:28 EST 2005

I've got a python script that maps a bunch of event records (results of 
a zSQL query) to a python dictionary, keyed by date.  Inside the 
dtml-calendar tag, I'm trying to use the get() method to return the 
events for the day that the calendar iterator is on.  I've tried a 
bunch of variations on this, but none of them return any results from 
the dictionary on days when there are definitely corresponding events.

<dtml-in "myEvents.get(date.Date(), None)" mapping>
<dtml-in "myEvents.get(date, None)" mapping>
<dtml-in "myEvents.get(date)" mapping>

how do I make this work?  thanks

David Siedband

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