[Zope] ssl certificate based authentication

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Feb 13 13:35:52 EST 2005

BORGULYA Gergely wrote at 2005-2-13 15:20 +0100:
>I would like to have the users of my site authenticated via ssl certificates.
>Authentication works well with apache2, and I would like to have my zope 
>working behind the proxy module of apache. I would not find it neccessary to 
>leave the authentication to be done by apache, but I expect it to be 
> ...
>Is there a common (or uncommon) solution for this case? 

There is a product called "RemoteUserFolder" which should allow
"foreign" authentication (e.g. by Apache or a different WebServer).
It looks for "REMOTE_USER" which the WebServer must provide.
I do not know what you must do to convince Apache to provide
this information. It might not work with "mod_proxy"...

>The second level of my question is, how to do all this if I need the 
>advantages of the Groups User Folder?

That's easy (at least in theory):

  Use use whatever UserFolder can handle the feature as user source
  into your GroupUserFolder.


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