[Zope] Why I must set security-property "Access contents information" to get Data from Database?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Feb 15 16:01:26 EST 2005

Chris Withers wrote at 2005-2-15 09:39 +0000:
> ...
>Why don't you try following the steps I described

I do not have a pure Zope 2.7.x installation (and
will not install one just to convince you :) )

>, and then you can use 
>your great intellect to explain why it behaves as it does

Almost surely, because your example is flawed ;-)

When I remember right, you used a template to verify
the behaviour you expect Zope to have.

But a standard template tries to access its client
(in your setup the protected folder) to show its "title/id".
And this fails, when the client does not grant "Access contents information"
(in case "client" is a "Folder" as in your case).

I suggest, you try again with an "Image" object instead of
a template or remove all references to "here" and "container"
in your (Page) template.

And again: it is probably very instructive to look at the code
in "ZPublisher.BaseRequest.BaseRequest.traverse" ;-)


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