[Zope] Strategy for taking site offline temporarily

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Fri Feb 18 00:10:59 EST 2005

What is the best strategy for taking a zope site temporarily offlineso 
visitors are provided with friendly message while manager (or other 
intermediate manager roles) can still view.   When I mean a zope site, 
I mean a single site within a zope instance where other sites continue 
operating as normal.  I am running apache in front and realize I could 
likely set up a new rule to be used for a short period to direct to an 
apache page, but am hoping someone can suggest a zope solution so that 
control can be exercised by site manager (as opposed to requiring a 
person with server root access to manipulate the apache config.)

I don't want anonymous visitors to access any pages other that hitting 
a message page.

I recently found this questioned answered for M$ IIS Server and the 
answer was to restrict IP and customize 403 error message but Zope is 
not IIS and there is likely a better way to go.

If I simply elevate view permission access to the site to the manager 
or intermediate manager role(s), this stops view access as it should, 
but it is not friendly since it does not give visitors any message or 
indication why they are not able to access the site and of course 
brings up the login box for anonymous user hitting the site.


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