[Zope] Structured text / charsets

Oliver Sturm sturm at oliver-sturm.de
Fri Feb 18 07:37:46 EST 2005


although there are lots of postings about charset problems with
Structured Text, I haven't found an answer to my specific problem. I
have that Zope installation where a large hierarchy of documents has
been created over the course of three years. Back then I created a web
interface that could be used by people in various European countries to
edit content in structured text format, which is then rendered onto
pages automatically.

In my hierarchy of folders, I established a system that will
automatically insert the correct page encoding in the page's header,
depending on the country (ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-2 are in use). This
works fine as far as the content is concerned. For some reason, nobody
has ever noticed before that structured text doesn't work well in this

Reading postings about charset problems with structured text, the
solution usually involves setting the locale for the Zope instance to
the correct value. The problem is, this Zope instance contains data in
different charsets, so this doesn't seem to be the solution here. Is
there any solution out there that would let me set the locale (as used
by the structured text parser) on a folder basis?

This is plain Zope 2.5.1 from Debian Stable.

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