[Zope] Re: using a ZODB standalone app with Zope

Jonathan Hobbs toolkit at magma.ca
Fri Feb 18 09:07:42 EST 2005

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Subject: [Zope] Re: using a ZODB standalone app with Zope

> Chris Withers wrote:
> >> In a python script how would I go about fetching the root
> >> of the database that is used by Zope.
> > container.getPhysicalRoot()
> >
> > ...but it sounds like you're after something else, what are you trying
> > to do?
> Thanks, I think that will work.
> Instead of using two separate ZODB databases (one for my data and
> one implicitly used by Zope) I was aiming at store my data in the Zope
> database as well.

Have you looked at the DBTab product which allows you to mount multiple
ZODBs (ie. one for code, one for data)?  This works nicely for us.


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