[Zope] Using ZEO for remote access

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Feb 19 13:45:14 EST 2005

Etienne Labuschagne wrote at 2005-2-18 21:15 +0200:
>I want to use Zope as an application server and was thinking to
>connect to Zope from the clients, by using ZEO.

This sentencse looks wrong...

You clients connect to ZEO bypassing Zope...

> ...
>I have tried the following code to get a connection to a running ZEO
>instance (the setup works, as a Zope Instance can connect to the ZEO
>from ZEO.ClientStorage import ClientStorage
>cs = ClientStorage([('localhost', 9999)])

Drop the "[]", i.e. use

     cs = ClientStorage(('localhost', 9999))

Of course, ZEO should run on localhost, port 9999, for this
to work. If it does not, the client hangs (waiting for ZEO
to become available).


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