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Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Sat Feb 19 15:47:00 EST 2005

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Konstantin E. Steuck wrote:
| Hello list, this is my first post here.
| I'm running Zope connected to Firebird with kinterbasDA.
| DB admin has recently told me that there were two active connections to
| the base under Zope user while there's only one instance of database
| adapter.
| I've checked it by running netstat -a on Zope host, here's the output
| --
| tcp 0  0 zope_host:41838    db_host:gds_db ESTABLISHED
| tcp 0  0 zope_host:41042    db_host:gds_db ESTABLISHED
| --
| The second connections appears short time after Zope restarts, so either
| DA or kinterbase itself seems to lose active connection.
| What's more interesting is that number of connections doesn't grow
| anymore remaining at point of 2.

Each application server thread in your application holds a separate
instance of the adapter, which means that unless the adapter is coded
(which I doubt) to multiplex requests from separate instances across a
single, global connection, you could see as many connections as you have
appserver threads.

| Has anyone encountered similar problem?
| I'm using
| Zope 2.7.2, python 2.3.4 on debian
| kinterbasdb 3.1pre9
| kinterbaseDA 2.0
| Firebird 1.5
| PS Sorry for my poor english :)

No need to apologise -- your English is much better than my Russian.

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