[Zope] url path remainder as a script parameter?

Kent Watsen kent at watsen.net
Sat Feb 19 23:53:40 EST 2005

I'm trying to provide a Zope interface for an existing photo album 
application that has an XML-RPC interface.  The application contains a 
very large number of pictures that can by queried in various ways (time, 
event, featured people, etc.).

I do not want to create Zope folders, but I do want the URLs to suggest 
that the pictures are stored in a folder hierarchy.  For instance:

         - this is root of photo archive

         - a person-specific photo album - presenting available years

         - a person-specific, year-specific album - presenting available 

         - a person-specific, month-specific album - presenting 
available days

         - a person-specific, day-specific album - presenting available 

  http://abc.com/photos/<person>/<year>/<month>/<day>/<pic number>
         - a pic...

It seems clear that I need to add a something to the Zope root having 
the id "photos", but is it a Python Script or a Product?  I tried 
creating a Product and setting the __getitem__ method, but it didn't work.

While I know the Zope-way is to store the objects in the Zope database, 
surely what I am trying to do is not uncommon either - so how do people 
normally do this?


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