[Zope] Re: kInterbaseDA multiple connection

Konstantin E. Steuck phoenix_12 at ngs.ru
Wed Feb 23 00:17:35 EST 2005

Tres Seaver wrote:
> By default, Zope is configured to run with four appserver threads (see
> the 'zserver-threads' option in zope.conf).  I misspoke slightly in my
> first post:  the DA connection is actually held inside a database
> connection, of which there are seven by default (the 'connection-pool'
> zope.conf parameter controls this).
> Normally, an appserver thread acquires a connection at the start of the
> request, and the returns it to the pool of available connections.  So,
> the absolute maximum number of open DA connections is the number of ZODB
> database connections in the pool (7), while the "likely" high number is
> lower, depending on your usage patterns (4 if all 4 appserver threads
> stay busy, and use the DA).
Thanks a lot, Tres. Now I know what to tell if asked "why are there so 
many connections to database" :)

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