[Zope] memory problems

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Feb 24 15:17:34 EST 2005

Serge Renfer wrote at 2005-2-22 08:37 +0100:
> ...
>1) the 2Gb that had gone during these 24 days came back
>	=> does Zope keep a temp file with a copy of Data.fs ?

After pack, the old storage file (before the pack) remains
their as "Data.fs.old". It is overridden by the next pack.

>2) the users sent me mail telling that they lost what they did for the 
>4 last days !!!
>	=> I thought Zope would gather all its temp (buffer) data into the 
>Data.fs when it is asked to restart, does it do that or not ?

It does on "commit".

However, I once had a defective disk.
I was able to work a complete day without any apparent data
loss (however, Linux was telling me about write failures to disk).
However, after a reboot, my data was lost...
Of course, the reason was easy: as Linux could not write
to disk, it kept the data in the cache. After the reboot, the
cache was empty. A new disk fixed the problem.

Similarly, you may loose data, when Zope cannot write it
because you disk is full or because you are on a
2GB limited file system and you reached this limit.

> ...
>What could I do to get back to the situation I was in before the 
>restart (in terms of data => for my users) ?

You hopefully have a backup?

>Should I try to restart with the removed Data.fs.* files (kept 
>somewhere else) ?

For example...


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