[Zope] zForum

Marco Bizzarri m.bizzarri at icube.it
Fri Feb 25 04:13:49 EST 2005

garry saddington wrote:
> On Thursday 24 February 2005 17:03, Marco Bizzarri wrote:
>>garry saddington wrote:
>>>I have ZForum installed correctly in Zope and everything else that it
>>>says is needed. However when I add a zForum in the ZMI i get the
>>>following attribute error:
>>>There are some references to this problem if googled but no cures. Does
>>>anyone know the cause/cure of this.
>>Suspect you should install Cookie Crumbler?
> I looked at this but I was able to find Cookie Crumbler in the 'add' drop down 
> in the ZMI and assumed that it was installed. Is this not the case?
> regards
> garry
> _______________________________________________

I can be completly wrong, but, IIRC, there is a CC for CMF and a CC for 
CMF... but, as I stated before, this can be completly wrong...


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