[Zope] blob image from MySql

Adriano adriano at euma.com
Mon Feb 28 19:04:53 EST 2005

Dear Zope friends,

I can't manage my Zope to correctly serve an image retrieved from a 
MySql table.

If the thing has been discussed already, I'm sorry, but I couldn't 
find so much help, on line.

I followed indications at http://www.zope.org/Members/murphy/MySQL-BLOBs

I have the following ZSQLMethod, named "trovaImmagine" (in Italian 
that means findImage)

select iconmimetype, iconblob from webs where
<dtml-sqltest id op="eq" type="int">

Then, I have a Python script (displayImage2)

# Return a string identifying this script.
record = context.trovaImmagine(id = 1)
data = record[0].iconblob
contentType = record[0].iconmimetype

RESPONSE.setHeader('content-type', contentType)
return data
#return len(data)
#return contentType

The commented returns are some tests I made.
When I comment the "return data" part and uncomment the "return 
contentType" OR "return len(data)", it seems to work correctly


when I try to return "data" I obtain a message error from FireFox, saying:

"The image "http://localhost:8080/sql/displayImage2" cannot be 
displayed, because it contains errors."

I tyied with Safari and it downloads a "displayImage2" file , I 
rename it to displayImage2.jpg, I try to open it with the Apple 
viewer (Anteprima in Italian, I don't remember in English) AND it 
says me that the file is not a jpeg file as it seems.

Internet Explorer shows a broken QuickTime icon.

What's going on ?

I'm trying to convince a company to port their little app made of 
JSPs to Zope and I am doing some tests.
They have the pictures in some blob fields so this is unavoidable, I think

Thanks so much
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