[Zope] leave the plone site under a domain to access a php webmail

Roberto Pereyra pereyra.roberto at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 06:50:37 EDT 2005


I have a question about my new plone site.

How I can configure apache or zope to access to my old webmail (php
aplication) under my new plone domain.

I using zope and plone with apache server (with ProxyPass option)

My new site is http://www.gualeguaychu.gov.ar

I want to access to my old website under
http://www.gualeguaychu.gov.ar/mail, but it would have to leave the
plone site and access with apache to my old php webmail and this not
works (I have the  "404 Not Found" message).

Excuse my poor english and thanls in advance.


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