[Zope] Re: Error in my application

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 05:03:13 EDT 2006

Vishal Kashyap wrote:
> Hi all ,
> Just wanted to know what this error is all about
> <code>
> 2006-04-10T22:06:22 INFO ZODB.Conflict database conflict error (oid
> 0x0278, class BTrees._OOBTree.OOBTree, serial this txn started with
> 0x0364ae9fbe711988 2006-04-10 16:31:44.634796, serial currently
> committed 0x0364aea45c2e1b55 2006-04-10 16:36:21.604712) at
> /mail/Tickets (4 conflicts, of which 0 were unresolved, since startup
> at Mon Apr 10 18:47:43 2006)
> </code>

It would help others to help you, if you gave info on what your platform 
/ setup is, and when this error occured.

My understanding of database conflict errors is they occur when two 
processes fight with each other talking to the ZODB. One or more older 
versions of Zope had bugs that caused such errors, but that was a while 

We recently had such database conflict errors when starting Zope. When I 
posted on the newsgroup, it was suggested I put a "sleep 10" between the 
2 zope processes starting, so that one was fully up and running before 
the other one tried to start. I did that and have had no problems since. 
Maybe that would work for you.

In my ignorance I'm not 100% certain that such warnings always actually 
matter - it may be a problem that Zope complains about but can recover 
from. More knowledgable people might comment on that. Nevertheless, a 
good idea to get rid of warnings for its own sake.

Hope that helps,

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