[Zope] import & export error on.2.9.2 version of zope has been solved

shivayogi kumbar shivayogiks at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 02:53:26 EDT 2006

The problem with import and export of zope application from zope2.7.3 to
zope2.9.2 has been solved.But when I am sending some request to the server
that time It's giving error as follows
"Error Type: ImportError
Error Value: import of "name of the application" is unauthorized   getting
this type of error"

Is it because of the change in the version of  ZODB, in zope2.7.3 they have
used the 3.2.4c version ZODB , and
in ZOPE2.9.2 used 3.6.0 version ZODB.
Sir "Lennart Regebro" has suggested me to copy and paste the data.fs file
from Zope2.7.3 where actully my application has developed.Please help me out

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