[Zope] Re: REQUEST.form variables order

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Apr 21 07:36:53 EDT 2006

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Gaute Amundsen wrote:
> On Thursday 20 April 2006 20:11, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>Gaute Amundsen wrote at 2006-4-19 19:03 +0200:
>>>I want to retrieve the form fields in the order that they where submitted
>>>in the http POST. I know this has been brought up before, and that the
>>>answer is "You cant."
>>You might be able to do it.
>>   Try "REQUEST['BODY']". For a "POST" request, it should
>>   contain the entity content.
>>   Of course, you would have to decode it yourself ;-)
> What? It can't be that simple!
> I thougt I had been poking all around the corners of REQUEST, looking for just 
> somthing like that.
> Hm.. no.
> Error Type: KeyError
> Error Value: 'BODY'
> Are you sure about this? 
> In that case, any idea why it is missing?
> We are on Zope 2.7.5-1.fc3, python 2.3.4, behind Apache/2.0.52

REQUEST.stdin is the actual stream (either a tempfile or a StringIO).
You will likely need to rewind it before you can use it.

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