[Zope] zope.conf question

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Tue Apr 25 18:17:06 EDT 2006

Hi Dieter. Thank you for your reply. Would that still be around somewhere?

Lately I have just been doing a make on the trunk and copying the 
packages from the src folder to my platform's python site-packages. It 
would be great if zope were a regular python distribution with a 
zopemanager utility that you can use anywhere to create zope or zeo 
instances where you want them. I don't have anything against the current 
build process but I am finding it is easier for building other things to 
just have my packages in site-packages.

Some flexibility for zeo.conf and zope.conf files would be a real help.
What I'd like is to be able to do is put a zeoconf.py or zopeconf.py in 
your /etc so that if zope detects its presence, it would use it instead 
of the corresponding zeo.conf or zope.conf. Then you could have the 
choice of a traditional zope.conf or using a python config file to get 
dynamic information you may need to make your zope platform or location 
specific. You could even incorporate other config parameters you may 
need for your app if zope is only a part of it. In a python file you can 
do what you want to generate the variables and then you wouldn't have to 
change the code of the distribution.

I know Django did away with its environment variables magic about six 
months ago or so and they use python files exclusively for 
configuration. I have nothing against xml configuration but there are 
times when python is the answer. Why not both possibilies for zope, 
wouldn't that be great?


Dieter Maurer wrote:
> David Pratt wrote at 2006-4-24 18:29 -0300:
>> Is there a way to create an INSTANCE_HOME variable in zope.conf more 
>> dynamically than hardcoding the path. I want an app to be platform 
>> portable so this will be different?
> I fear, this is not the case with standard "ZConfig".
> A long time ago, I posted an enhancement to the collector
> that allows "ZConfig" to use envvars.
> This way, you can define an envvar and use it in your "zope.conf".
> As far as I know, the enhancement was never included into the
> official code.

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